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Combat vehicle crewman's helmet

Jerry B

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Had this one a while but the exact dating for these seems to be uncertain and the contract number does not appear on the comprehensive list on the forum as far as I could see.

It came complete with headphones and mic and plug in jack lead and desert camo paint so I assume it saw service in the first gulf war.



cvc helmet 1.jpg

cvc helmet 2.jpg

cvc helmet 3.jpg

cvc helmet 4.jpg

cvc helmet 5.jpg

cvc helmet 6.jpg

cvc helmet 7.jpg

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Trying to remember when we first started using these. When attached to the Blues & Royals in 85 we were still using the clansman headphones with berets. I can remember the tank crews started wearing the full bomedome helmet just after that but they were only for Armd corps crews i.e REME attached didn’t have them. We started to use this type helmet when I was a crew Comd with FRG which was from 88. Was still wearing them in 2003 when with the SCOTS DG LAD. Come to think of it we were still using the headset and press all units in 2007 for FFR landrovers using BOWMAN.

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