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  1. A brand new set of 200/120 MTP Tank crewmans coveralls for sale, unworn and still in the bag they were issued to me in. Make me an offer.
  2. For sale I have a brand new, unused and still with the label on pair of issue DMS boots in size 11.
  3. TiffY boxes came in a couple of different types and generally held tools that were bigger than the standard toolbox and ones needed for more complex tasks. As an example a normal toolbox had a 1/2 Inch drive socket set while the tiffy box had a 1 inch drive socket set. They also had the tools that were generally only needed every now and again. Also things like thread insert kits and thread chasers etc. If I remember right the scale was classed as A2 and B2 on a sections holdings denoting Specialist tools for specific jobs. No vehicle CES was in a tiffy box. Hope that helps, if not let me know if you want more info.
  4. Look what I Rediscovered today while having a tidy up ready to do some painting. The headset is still in perfect condition after all these years, but the suitcase is showing its age. Was issued it in 1980 with the rest of my kit. It used to get filled and then thrown in the bottom of the 3rd mans hatch of my 434. .
  5. Are you still looking for a stally? There is one about a 1/2 a mile from me that is just sitting there outside someone’s scrap yard. I spoke to the guy who owns it a couple of years ago and he said it was a runner and was taxed etc until 2017, but it hasn’t moved since then. It’s all there and the hatches are closed. I think he may have another 1 or 2 inside the yard. Not sure if they are for sale but might be worth a visit.
  6. Changing from Fwd to Rev and visa Versa on the transfer box was always hit and miss on CVR(T). Try engaging it while stopping the engine. I.e. with the engine running move from fwd to rev or other way around and while pulling or pushing the lever switch off the ignition at the same time. You should feel the lever move fully into the engaged position. That was the drill we used to have the drivers do if they had the same problem.
  7. Trying to remember when we first started using these. When attached to the Blues & Royals in 85 we were still using the clansman headphones with berets. I can remember the tank crews started wearing the full bomedome helmet just after that but they were only for Armd corps crews i.e REME attached didn’t have them. We started to use this type helmet when I was a crew Comd with FRG which was from 88. Was still wearing them in 2003 when with the SCOTS DG LAD. Come to think of it we were still using the headset and press all units in 2007 for FFR landrovers using BOWMAN.
  8. No idea what the FV number is but the last 4 of the NSN is 2001. Always remember that as we changed so many over the years.
  9. I can remember having to modify them only too well. The first ones used a landrover prop shaft to provide drive to the PTO. We kept having to repair them as they were just not strong enough. We came up with the idea of using a prop shaft from an M1 rig which did the trick. Another weakness was the winch minted on the T-piece at the back. Used to go through loads of bits for that as there was no PVRV setup so if the load got too much it just blew a connection. Hapoy days indeed.
  10. It's one of the Willich AVREs as we called them. The first veh specifically designed to do the job. Much better than its predecessor. Looked after an Armd Engr Troop with 3 of these as well as 3 AVLB and some Spartan Recce Vets.
  11. Is it a Clegg or Willich version? The Clegg version is an old gun tank with a plate welded on where the turret should be, some i beam above the crew compartment to support facines and a rough and ready winch mounted upstairs. Whereas the Willich was a properly designed new veh that was luxury compared to the older versions.
  12. It was common to see Stalwart's and ferrets bouncing off curbs when following them. I wandered what they were doing when I first saw it but then someone explained they they were bouncing/jumping off the curbs to allow and wind-up to be let out. There are no plans to introduce wheeled Inf Armd platforms at the moment. We are waiting for the Scout family of vehicles to come into service, but I can honestly say I am not aware of any plans for a wheeled 6 or 8 wheeler yet.
  13. It's the newest additional armour covering. Supposed to replace bar armour.
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