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Welded part on Ferret prop-shaft cover

Mad Scientist

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Hello one and all,


In the attached photo please can anyone tell me what the raised three-sided cover/support is for on the nearside prop-shaft (on the right in this picture) just behind the driver's seat.


It measures 1 inch high, is 4-3/4" long and 2-7/8" wide. There are four tapped holes, which I'd be glad if someone can tell me the thread size, and what screws onto this support.


cheers, Mad Scientist



Propshaft query.jpg

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My thanks to njjeeper & sirhc,


I could not see any bracket mount forward of the front nearside bevel box, near the left foot, but now sirhc mentions the Bren, I think I've seen a picture of a Bren mounted in this position.


So, my final question is this: was this for a spare Bren in the Mk 2, or for the ones mounted on Mk 1 vehicles, or as a spare in addition to the one fitted in the Mk 1 vehicle?


cheers, Mad Scientist

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Attached photos of the bracket with Bren gun in position. Unfortunately after spending several hours fitting mine in, I found a few issues. 1, the bracket that fits on the prop shaft cover needs at least a 1" spacer under it. 2, the butt of the Bren needs a 3/4" bit of wood under it to lift it up so the catch that holds the magazine dose not get damaged and 3, the biggest problem I have is you can select reverse with a small amount of damage to your thumb but you will almost dislocate your thumb when selecting forward. So although I've left the bracket in I dont use it.






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What caliber bullet does the bren fire? I thought it was .30....


The Bren uses .303" Cartridges, & the LMG (Later conversion of the Bren) Uses 7.62mm Carts.


Without digging out the parts list. If I recall correctly, the tapped holes are 1/4UNF.

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