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Nick Johns

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Further to the thread posted about the forthcoming low emission zone in London, for heavy commercials do you realise that by 2010 ANY Diesel powered commercial vehicle over 1.2 tons weight, ie. just about any van/ pickup privately owned or business use, which includes diesel Land Rovers manufactured after 1972 and before 2002 will have to comply with Euro 111 emission standards as per 2002 onwards, if you wish to drive at ANYTIME within the M25 area or pay an extortionate daily charge. Your vehicle will have to be modified with an approved particle filter or converter, some older engines will not meet the requirment.


More info at http://www.tfl.gov.uk/lezlondon


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For an 88/ 90 Land rover or any similar diesel vehicle seats would have to be fitted so it becomes a car, how is yours registered? if it states on the V5 its a pickup then its a commercial and will have to comply, presumably you have to change the category with DVLA to 7 seater

The system is monitored by number plate recognision cameras linked to DVLA, so if its registered as a passenger car its exempt

:-D....then of course up to you whether you keep the seats in......

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