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Wanted - Centurion or Chieftain ARV rear tow hook

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Anyone who know where I can find a Centurion or Chieftain ARV rear tow hook for sale?

20 years ago we had 3 Cent ARV waiting for the scrap yard and a lof of "nice to have" parts were salvaged, but I did not think that I would need this part 20 years later...

We are rebuilding our push truck at the museum and would need a more suitable coupling for the triangular tow bar.


It is the triangular thing in the rear middle of a Chieftain ARV or in the middle of the support spade of a Centurion ARV.

It is the part that is fitted on the ARV that I am looking for and I think they should be almost the same on both vehicles, it is where you connect the tow bars. I hope you understand.






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