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Czech weaponry

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OK - before anyone says anything - this is purely to satisfy curiosity!!

Having got VERY grudging permission to get the OT-90 I'm not risking life and limb by adding weapons...


however - I'm told the main weapon was a 14,?? heavy machine gune in the turret and a pair of light machine guns in the foremost of the side firing ports. Remaining 3 each side being for the troops AK's.


Any one happen to know exactly what weapons would have been mounted on one of these things???

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Neil your best bet is to get hold of copies of Jane's AFVs and Small Arms. You can order through the libary. The Checz have always been bloody good gun designers.


... think Bren, designed in Brno.


Not to mention Skoda tanks. They were considered better than the PzKpfw 2 in use with the Panzer Divisions. When the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938, they took ownership of enough T35s and T38s to re-equip four Light Divisions as Panzer Divisions. Without them, Rommels 7th wouldn't have been a Panzer Division.


When the T38 (which had become a PzKpfw 38(T) (for Tschechisch = Czech)), became obsolete as a gun tank, they rebuilt them as Hetzers, a mean little tank destroyer, becoming one of the few armoured vehicles to serve throughout the war.

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Well - after some more digging and probing ino other sources I've managed to glean the following information:

Turret armament: the main weapon is (or should be) the 14.5mm KVPT.

Secondary armament: A variant of the PKM called the PKMT which is 7.62mm. http://kalashnikov.guns.ru/models/ka168.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PKM - one either side of the hull in the forward firing port


(The T on the end in both cases stands for for Tank!!)

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The other tank the Wermacht used a lot of was the French Renault. 16 went to the channel islands, the only Panzer regiment never to see active service. They also used a lot of 4.7 cm chezc Pak guns over there in bunkers. A lot of the coastal guns were French some dated to great War. The biggest guns were the three 30.5 cm guns at the Mirus battery Jersey ex Russian Battleship St Petersburg. these were cut up after the war. BOC had to come up with a special mix the steel was so hard.

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Hmmm... does Mrs.P know about your latest research :whistle: ... & how's the storage situation :dunno:



1: - NO - and it's staying that way!!!!


2: Still hunting, not been able to do much this week for obvious reasons but see post about storage wanted in Essex for info on a barn for hire round my way...

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