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Land Rover Bumper Box


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There could be literally anything in it although fitting a metal box (usually an old ammo box) to the front bumper is quite a popular thing to do it was never a standard fitment. None of the Land Rovers in the Land Training fleet have a box fitted to the front bumper, all CES with the exception of the spade and pick axe are carried inside the vehicle, including the tow strop.

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Anything that might be classed as "BVA" (Bright, Valuable, Atractive) - i.e. anything you signed for - went inside the vehicle, usually under lock and key. Adding a storage (usually an ammo) box, when done,was a field mod normally used to carry anything gash/that had no value per se. Stuff like pegs and rope/cord for cam nets that had been "acquired", canvas scrim etc.

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