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I'm still here


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Hiya everyone!!!!

Not been in here for ages, sorry for neglecting you all.

The cubes are still going strong and have been out and about.

The boys are huge. Eldest (Jack) is at college doing uniformed public services-training for the training to join up.

Youngest (George) at school still and doing well

Both boys tower over me now!


We still have the GMC-slightly modified!!! The 105mm

But have ditched the massive mobile mansion for a tatty caravan!!!!

Anyway missed you all and hope you've been on your best behaviour

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Was thinking only the other day that both you and the Cubed one had been conspicuously absent. Glad to hear all is well :-) :-)
Awww bless you!!!


Missed you, I thought you'd left us, no replies to PM's. Welcome back, hope you are all fighting fit:kiss:
Sorry Degs :(

We are just busy Bees! !! Everyone is well thanks xxxx


Hurrah! I hope we'll see you at Overlord?



yes we shall be there this year :)


Welcome out of Hibernation! :-D

Thanks TB xxxxx

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