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  1. I am sorry but I agree with others. This new foremat is not very user friendly. What was wrong with the old friendly foremat?
  2. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. I see "Big Tyres" have some with British type pattern in stock so will investigate. Best Wishes.
  3. Has any one had experience with the Malhotra Military MTT-905T 900x16 Tyre ? Will they fit British Split Rims? Any advice will be of great help. Thanks
  4. WANTED. Any info or contacts who may have an NOS or very good condition 28hp Bedford engine for sale...for new MW project. Thanks.
  5. Suggest you call Norman Aishe of Bygone Bedford Bits on 01202 745117...Rgds MWR 1944 owner
  6. Suggest you call Norman Aishe of Bygone Bedford Bits on 01 202 745117. Rgds..MWR 1944 Owner
  7. Greetings from the Isle of Wight....
  8. The up front cost of putting on a show the size of War and Peace must eye watering. Cost of renting the site from the Hop Farm, Security, Fences, Insurances, Council and H&S permits and reports, Putting the site back to as was condition and clearing away the rubbish, Plus any other organisations with their hand out for cash. As the new owner has put his cash on the line it is right that he should get it back. As a businessman Vehicle Owners can not expect him to make a loss so we can have a show. However if Vehicle owners want to put on a show the size of War and Peace are they happy to sp
  9. Peters and May have just shipped a Matilda to the UK...ant ideas where it is going?
  10. I have seen them in WW2 to 50's MTB's that have been restored. Also very similar to Air Ministry units of the WW2 to mid 50's
  11. First Class restoration. Welcome to the "Military Bedford Drivers Club". Rgds Simon (MWR)
  12. Hi Nicky, Rog and I will be coming with the MWR. Ian Young , Windscreen Editor, is coming with us.
  13. My MWR has a kind of Hardboard on the inside of the doors. Having owned it for over forty years and never replaced it I assume it is original. I presume you can still buy hardboard which would look like the original.
  14. We have used Castrol Valvemaster and Frost's Ethromix together for a couple of years now with no side effects. Recently looked in the bottom of a fuel tank and no sign of any gunge or sticky stuff. Carb bowl clean etc.
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