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Bosch 24 v coil and other bits wanted

Skint George

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My 24v CJ5 jeep needs a replacement coil.

It is a Bosch, serial number 0221112002 (24v).

The coil is available from Atkinson Vos for £250 plus VAT but Iwas hoping someone would know where I could get one a lot cheaper.

Also, I need new points and a condenser for my Bosch distributor, serial number 0231161002 JFM4. I don't know the part numbers for the points and condenser.



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If only they had some left!

At that price they sold out pretty quickly!

They buy a lot of ex Army stuff which works well for me.

They have another Bosch 24v coil for sale, some light rust pitting from bad previous storage for £30.

It is the Bosch 24v coil, serial number 0221108003.

Again, these are ex army stock and the owner Diane has the NATO stock numbers.

Does anyone know the spec difference between the Bosch 0221112002 and the 0221108003 coils and would it affect its long term use?

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They are a decent company & have interesting stock. The things may appear similar & have identical readings of resistance but one might be for a positive earth & the other for negative?


The other thing to consider are these actually 24v coils or are they coils designed for use in a 24-volt system in which case they may be 12v coil that work with a ballast resistor? If so it leaves the field for alternatives a bit wider.


The way to find out is to measure the voltage that feeds the cable to the coil & it should read 24 volts. Then close the CB points & if it is still 24v then it is a 24-volt coil, if it drops to 12v or so you have a ballast resistor in there somewhere.

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Thanks for that Clive, I understood some of what you said but then you got technical 😀

I see they have it for sale in the Bedford trucks section too.

Would that make it compatible with my CJ5 jeep which is wired up the same as a M38A1?

Has anyone used on of these coils before?

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2nd attempt, tablet crashed!

Hi Steve

It appears the whole ignition system is failing and I now need a replacement Bosch distributor cap. Serial number 1235522071.

I've see a couple for sale for real silly money and I'm sure I could replace the whole ignition system for that price.

If anyone has one at a decent price the money is waiting here for you.

My Auto sparky can only come over when he isn't at his day job so that can delay progress too.

I want to get another Landrover but that will have to wait until I can this thing fixed and sold.

Like I've said to you before Steve, if you want the job it's yours as I know you have more time to "play."

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