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Reconstituted Classic...DVLA?

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I understand from talking to a dating officer of a classic motorcycle club that the DVLA have a new classification of vehicle called "Reconstituted Classic"...anyone know what this is all about ? is it diffent from historic vehicle ? ..how does it affect mot and road tax status...is it a Q plate ...any comments please. Thanks

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It's not a new thing but a year or so back, DVLA began to interpret the long-standing rules differently whilst at the same time claiming that nothing had changed.




It's really for vehicles built from autojumble spares that have never previously been together.


The term 'rebuilt' is best avoided when dealing with DVLA as well. Most enthusiasts view it as taking apart, painting and putting back together again but DVLA's most recent interpretation seems to suggest that they view the term 'rebuilt' almost as remanufacturing.

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