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Steering box woes....


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Has anyone out there got a good name / contact / company etc for rebuilding /renovating steering boxs?...


I'm doing some work on my old Hudson and the box is currently in pieces on the bench...Lots of wear just about every where although the worm and nut doesn't seem so bad, both the top and bottom column bearings will need replacing. The biggest problem is the inner race on the top end of the worm is badly worn so will require grinding / machining to a new size and bearings found to suite............(the inner races for the top and bottom bearings are integral to the worm )........

Any tips ? Hints suggestions welcome ......... I've spoken to a company in Birmingham called ICS who were very helpful and seemed quite confident of being able to sort it but before I head off up the M5 I just wondered..are there any others out there you've maybe used before ?

Thanks in advance Bob :)

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