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Poor little mummy's boy (Jimmy Jimmy)


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Well order of the pink one has just left HF services with Cyl head in back of car...


Other night we ripped head of after discovering no pressure on cyl's 4 & 5 :shake:


Found gasket blown completely away between these cyls, so head was skimmed to day, and the pink one came over tonight and was instructed in the art of valve lapping.


As an apprentice ha makes a pretty good cup of tea :evil: hopefully tomorrow, weather permitting we'll get it built back up, and Jimmy will run on 6 instead of 4 :whistle: :whistle:


He'll be uncatchable :? :?


Though the pig will in 2nd gear :evil: :evil:


HF mechanical dreams turned to reality :|:|

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Are you breaking that Jimmy? :dunno:


If you are I know someone's looking for a front axle for one of them...

is it any good? Cash waiting :whistle:


Does JB's Field manual describe the removal and refittment of a cylinder head as a "2 mugs and a packet of Jaffa Cakes" Job... AF spoons required :-D


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Why do I need to break it :?


pink one's pretty good at that :whistle:


Funny how he always seemed to have my ball pein hammer in his hand at my workshop :roll: :|


Precision engineering at best.....................



HF saving Jack's tears


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Yes, thank you Jeremy and thank you Bodge.


Nothing to it - get given a mini sink plunger or was it one of those suction arrows that you used to have as a kid, spin it around a few times to make it like you are busy and job done :whistle:


It was ok until I was told to 'make the tea boy' and when you have done that just put out the rubbish it was ok but didn't enjoy cleaning the loo :cry:



Flipping pay packet was a bit light :cry:

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