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Ex-Mil Land Rover Defender?


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Hi folks. What would be the best means for somebody based in the US to source an UK ex-mil Land Rover Defender? I seem to remember that such items were sold off at auctions, but it’s a long way to come to be potentially outbid. Is there a website where you can now bid on such things? I’m a British ex-serviceman now settled in the US. I’ve been looking for a Land Rover Defender 110 for sale this side of the pond, but they are pretty thin on the ground. So shipping one over might be an option, especially given the current exchange rate. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anybody have any idea how much I should expect to pay for an ex-mil Land Rover? Thanks in advance for any pointers.






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There are a few suppliers of ex military land rovers who buy from the MoD's agents and renovate them to sell on to the public, so possibly a ready (if expensive way) to buy a reasonable vehicle. Some suppliers just sell them as cast by the Army. Have a browse through Milweb. In my opinion, you get the best vehicles at reasonable cost by buying from a private enthusiast. Making contact with the ExMilitary Land Rover Association is a good way to tap into private owners. They have a website with vehicles for sale. Milweb also will have a selection of privately owned vehicles for sale. Price? How long is a piece of string? But you should be able to get a good basic vehicle for around the £5000 mark these days.........less money for vehicles needing work........much, much more for more exotic beasts!

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There are very specific issues with regard to Year Of Manufacturer that dictate eligibility to import a vehicle to the US of A.


Make sure you do your homework on that first before you get too fixated on a vehicle.


Buy from someone in the UK who will do all the due diligence for you so you dont end up with a green Land Rover with a twisted chassis and brakes that don't work and and engine that doesn't run, that is how ex military Land Rovers come out of service sometimes.


I recommend a phone call and quick chat with Les Parker at Rovers North in Westford Vermont might help also, nice company and he is very knowledgeable and helpful.


Also joining the Defender Forum and poking around and asking a few questions will get some useful answers

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