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Heads up for sale…suggas


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A little bird tells me that there will be a Sugga up on ebay from tomorrow night 2100….Dont ask me how I know this or I shall have to kill you :shocked:;) or the guy who bought it and had no money when it came to collecting it….he never even turned up to look at it!!!


Carry on….



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Form follows function…the body was indeed taxi like…had seats to sit on tick. The chassis and running gear followed an extremely capable off road truck like chassis air locking diffs awesome ground clearance, hugely strong drop link located front axel …not till the Unimog did anything of the size of the Sugga get anywhere near as good off road:-) form following function perfectly! This awful on road and fantastic off it, totally biased review was brought to you from currently, still it's owner :-D:cool2:

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Sorry, don't see taxi there, see straightforward, no-nonsense military capability.


For me they're the legitimate heirs to the wonderful allied command cars of WWII - the Fords, Chevrolets, Humbers and so on.


Having owned Volvos since 1982 I have always favoured their function over form approach and the Sugga is the epitome of that. If I could I'd have it in a jiffy.


10 68

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