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Land rover 109 recce


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"KC" abt. 1985 , just scale up 1/1



Junk the Larkspur for Clansman TUAAM , and reduce the decking of the radio shack - Italian Walt model



That extra 21" in the wb would slow down a quick reversal at times LoL

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There is footage on youtube of some Berlin Brigade 109" recce vehicles upon which that kit was based, which itself was originally done by ESCI.


The First Gulf war saw many airfield type protection vehicles, RAF Regt etc stripped down and tooled up as an open soft top.


You will note by Ruxy's comments that a lot of purists call these vehicles "Walts" as they don't believe they ever existed. The provenance is everything for many of us.


My suggestion to you is to do some research and find a picture of what you like and then re create it and then when you do you signage up for shows etc you say "portrayal" of RAF Regt vehicle as used in etc etc, with a picture beside it. If you dont then the rivet counter types will be all over you and it will ruin your enjoyment of your vehicle.


My opinions are mine and it isn't required that you like them.

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Thanks for the replys. I've found a few photos from the baor. There's evidence that they were used It seems like the unit would modify them to there requirements unlike the moden recce vehicles that come ready made.

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You will find the odd in service (IIRC in the main RAF Regiment) photographs during the Gulf War conflict(s) , picture books by Bob Morrison - British Army Land Rovers in the Gulf.


However , I can't recall any in service photographs of 109" Recce , other than TA on summer camp , sticks & hood off + doors off at times but still minimalist. However - I find all in service Land Rover photographs quite RARE , try and find Lightweight "winterized" - they hardly exist , the evidence is more on extant hardware (neglecting all the so called reproductions). Lightweight Recce - the real ones , probably all details (many) are known , down to the fine detail differences on about 6 L'wt in total ,,

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