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  1. More thoughts on my milant near side number got bent up when I crossed a small stream and drop it a large rock it was made a short wheel base to pull the radar units to the top of the cliffs and be able to move in a very confined space Bedford rl was not up for the job when being us for this armoured plate was put on the back for ballast because it was built for a special purpose it was kept in service late seventies I last drove it in 1977 it was bronze green to start with then along with centurion range hulls tanks with out turrets to carry targets all were painted yellow it only ever did ra
  2. Royal yeomanry based at Croydon would have those markings on there armour cars
  3. I asked the group,I'm with all been on the miltary scene a very long time no one would bother and I'm most cases felt very strongly if you want to sell it say how much you want for it or don't bother
  4. he is very busy still trading a very straight person to deal with i spoke to him with in the last three weeks i have a contact no but will have to asked if i can give it out he would not avoid you on purpose not that sought of person i do not work for him but trust him as a friend
  5. when i was lulwoth camp i drove a short wheel base flat bed aec miltant on range duty's and it had been modified at 45 command work shop they did two both short wheel base a 6x4 and a 6x6 the 6x4 suffer a major accident head on with a centurion range hull painted bright yellow both did not see each other
  6. I will be going I went to the first show At the hop farm I no you cannot turn the clock back but I hope it keeps some of old flavour it had I wish the old crew the best of luck with the show
  7. The offence using a motor veh with consideration for other road users for example a3 into London rush hour running out of fuel fine and three points double parking and causing a tail back same a convoy of ex military vets going along at 20 mph with a big tail back would be the same ,present day military all try to keep to UK rules but can under mod run long convoys but try not to THe Police will have to justify offence
  8. Have been going since the start top show could not ask for nicer people who run the show just like the shows of old
  9. I understand people get up set about emails address being used as for the dates as there was not going to be a show at combine ops this year as they had no one to run it having read emails sent to Dave king from the board imps asking him to put a show on he has as for the dates there was not gong to be a show at head corn so they would not clash as I've said go to which show you like and have a. Good time and good luck to both shows
  10. its sad all the bitchy remarks so what about emails headcorn is not a imps show any more nor is war and peace or miltary world you can get into all three shows as imps members if you like a show go if you do not do not go go in the end it will be all about cost and profit as thats the way shows have to go i went to the first show at the hop farm as imps ans saw how big that got the first show at headcorn very good show that grew i wish all shows the best of luck and i will go to ones i like they may be not be your choice but i will not slag another person show. as a lot of hard
  11. if you go on royal yeomanry based at croydon they had about 12 series threes and early 110 to replace there armour vehs
  12. Why is imps supporting the combined ops show and not the hop farm show as they are both being run as private shows not Imps shows. why has imps given the name combined ops to the Headcorn show if its now a privately run show why was it not renamed? THE HOP FARM WAS ONE OF THE GREAT SHOWS run by Rex Cadman so when D King was asked to put on a show I can understand him wanting to put it back at the hop farm as a lot of people would love to go back there. There was no clash of dates as there was not going to be a show at Headcorn and he did not try to put it to rival the war and peac
  13. it seems the imps board is like the goverment with its statement of facts such a shame for the membership, is the next statement going to be lessons have been learnt if they have nothing to hide they should produce that or resign i for one would like the truth if D KINGS VERSION is not true prove it or go
  14. i read the reasons for givern my imps board why they are not getting involved with hop farm show but why is the head corn show being support by imps if they our both being run by private companys ?? i wish both shows best off luck. i feel the truth will come out why the breakup came about in the future
  15. Brilliant as my father was in the 17/21 lancers as a kid I rode on them in Aden and hong kong and Germany when I was old enough I join up got to drive at bovington Cyprus and Jordan what I love about the film is the Micky taking which I miss most after leaving the army thanks again brought back good times
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