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  1. More thoughts on my milant near side number got bent up when I crossed a small stream and drop it a large rock it was made a short wheel base to pull the radar units to the top of the cliffs and be able to move in a very confined space Bedford rl was not up for the job when being us for this armoured plate was put on the back for ballast because it was built for a special purpose it was kept in service late seventies I last drove it in 1977 it was bronze green to start with then along with centurion range hulls tanks with out turrets to carry targets all were painted yellow it only ever did ra
  2. Royal yeomanry based at Croydon would have those markings on there armour cars
  3. when i was lulwoth camp i drove a short wheel base flat bed aec miltant on range duty's and it had been modified at 45 command work shop they did two both short wheel base a 6x4 and a 6x6 the 6x4 suffer a major accident head on with a centurion range hull painted bright yellow both did not see each other
  4. I was 17 at bovington camp trials wing where i met his dad when they say like father like son it was so true both were out of same mould but what knowlege RIP
  5. `if its the one out of alexander barracks its a bussing de 74 4x2 96 seater reg no ohc670m with the sign board at the front royal corp of transport the other bus wasa man sl 202 38 seater reg no 11xx88
  6. 221SQN was a ta unit rct from glagow belongin to154 lowlands reg rct tavr there role was as an ambulance sqn at that time they used 2a and seriers3 ambulances on excise folding bed in germany in the 70s all ambulance sqns deploy to germany drawing up ambulances from stores in germany they range from fordsons, k9, bedfords ambulances and landrovers was told to try not to bring back the fordsons, and k9, break them if possible ive never seen so many ambulances together
  7. dave will not let me opern message from you

  8. dave have you got your mj yet shout if you need any help

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