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  1. Looking for a bc-620 or 659 radio and power supply thanks
  2. Hi all I am after a gun ring for a gmc 353 soft cab complete and as near to the south of England as possible will travel for the right one tho also looking for at least one spare wheel for a gmc aswell thanks chris
  3. Hi guys thanks for the replys I took mine apart last night and managed to sort it after you unpeel the pressed metal carefully they are fairly easy to sort on these with abit of engineering skill :-)
  4. Hi guys after some advise I have a 353 and have an issue with the speedo, the speedo works but the mile trip doesn't seem to any ideas or has anyone taken one of these apart before thanks Chris
  5. Land rover series 3 and defender gpmg dash mount for sale, I also have a replica gpmg, would like to sell together if possible also have an ammo belt for gpmg will post pictures if wanted £900 ono
  6. Hi troops Im looking for some WW2 cam net and ration boxes or any type of ww2 wooden boxes would be considered repo or genuine also after a ww2 u.s army tent again can be repo thanks in advance chris
  7. Hoping I can get some help on here, what recovery company's do people use for there gmc? or equivalent vehicles as im struggling to find a company thanks chris
  8. Hey guys I hope someone can answer this for me I keep seeing 353s with winchs on the front with jerry cans each side was this a standard part or were they modified in the field like this? or is it just people trying to make them look all warey thanks chris
  9. long shot but have you tried the tank museum or the Bastogne barracks as they have loads of spare parts?
  10. morning , hope I can het some help on here as am hoping to get my gmc road registered in the UK to take to Bastogne in 2 months time, I have done the nova part and I have the dvla forms all ready to send off all im waiting for is the vehicle verification to be done, now I understand the MVT are voluntary and can take some time to do which is understandable I just wondered if there is anywhere else that can do it for me, im on the south coast near Portsmouth, sorry if this has been covered before I looked through previous threads and couldn't find much to help thanks Chris
  11. Hey another question, what company's do people use for recovery I have a gmc 353 thanks chris
  12. Hi I have just done the deal and have got a Gmc, however its in Holland, its on the road registered and insured, I want to drive it home however I cant seem to find anyone to insure me on the chassie number to drive it on the road, can I drive it back on his insurance if he puts me on his policy in Holland? thanks chris
  13. Hi im after a ww2 dodge must be ready to go, I have money waiting thanks chris
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