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Somebody's got a nice collection.


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Some of these urban explores has begun to go a bit to fare, yes it is very interesting to se how Chernobyl looks today but entering eg. The barn of the Becker collection just because it looks unused is in my opinion crossing the border, privat property is property. I would be really crossed

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Looks like the Balmoralgreen collection in France. Either trespassing....or a staged set of pictures......but, these vehicles are definately not abandoned. In fact, they can be seen on shows quite regularly, like Locomotion en fete, and also in the camp at Carentan, Normandy, each June.



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I wouldn't put too much stock in the description; it's fairly common for websites these days to take a collection of photos that they've found somewhere and add whatever story they like over the top of it. This one has the good grace to mention that they don't know the providence of the photos, but they still go with the clickbait title and description.




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