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Centurions in Korea


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I've just received an email re my cent 01ZR10 and am intrigued!

This was a "Hong Kong"tank (after service in UK) that went to to but wasn't deployed in Australia. However the email is from an ex-serviceman who recollects seeing a photo of a cent that he believes is 01ZR10 "with both final drives blown off in Korea".

I'f this is so I'd be absolutely over the moon, since the tank would go from being one with little "real" history to an absolute world-beater!

Now I realise that Korea was a very long time ago, and am not getting my hopes too high. However while I hadn't previously bothered with researching its history I think I should now make an effort - but I've no idea where to go from here, so any advice is appreciated.







Cent 2 copy 3.jpg

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A shot in the dark but worth a try..


I'm trying to contact Stan Winter, who may have served on 01ZR10 in Korea and who may have joined the Australian army in 1972.


Please PM me if you can help.



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Contact Bovington's library on the email address here:



They'll check the archives and email you scans of the vehicle's history cards, if they have them, for a modest fee (my Saracen cards cost me £25, a little over a year ago, and it can be paid via PayPal, so it's very painless).




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Thanks Terry

Tried that but they couldn't help - apparently no records of what tanks went to Korea and their photos couldn't be identified because the rego numbers were obscured (probably deliberately by the crews). Said they'd let me know if anything comes up......

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