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Saumur Tank Museum Carrousel

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Morning all,


has anyone been to the Carrousel event at Saumur Tank Museum?


From what i gather its their main event of the year, when all the runners are given a run out, a bit like Tankfest - correct?


Any recommendations wether one particular day is better than another?


Any pictures or experiences from previous years?


Thanks, Richard

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I went to the Carousel in 2013. Starts about midday so you can visit 'Musee des Blindes' (Tank Museum) in the morning.


The Museum is excellent.


The Carousel - you have to sit through about 2 and a half hours of equestrian displays, synchronised motor bikes, and parachuting first - all good but not to everyones taste. You then get around 90 minutes of armour - dating from WW1 through to the present day. Some just do a show circuit or two, some are displayed in re-enactment scenarios. I recall it endd with a re-enactment of the then current French engagement in Mali and featured some very modern kit. Here's som pictures.






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I have been to the museum and its well worth a visit,I thought it was invite only to be in the carousel itself but anybody could watch,though I stand to be corrected ,its on my to do list(not this year though sadly).Any info would be great as we are trying to sort next year's trip out.Simon

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