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  1. Had you seen this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Humber-1ton/273019443063?hash=item3f913a1777:g:3SwAAOSw61haVkTB Nic
  2. This is the sort of thing you're all so good at - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-Mobile-Container-Unit-Camper-caravan-Project-Zombie-Bunker/183008952469 What was it then... the seller never found out, but writes it up amusingly. Nic
  3. This is the sort of thing you're all so good at - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-Mobile-Container-Unit-Camper-caravan-Project-Zombie-Bunker/183008952469 What was it then... the seller never found out, but writes it up amusingly. Nic
  4. A pair of Pigs offered on ebay! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152828131844?ul_noapp=true Nic
  5. Everything has a price, but I'm not actively looking to sell it. You will find one elsewhere far cheaper than I'd be prepared to part with this one. Keep looking and one will come along. Good luck. Nic
  6. Paul, I wondered when you'd spot your old warhorse - I bought it from Dave Powell about 2 years back when he was downsizing his collection. He'd done a lot of work on the brakes, so it didn't need a great deal doing when I acquired it. Dave passed on it's paperwork and some old photos so I saw you featured in the text! It now lives near Thirsk, North Yorkshire., and has been to some of the 'Northern Shows' over the time I've had it - YWE, Croft, YMVT Crank-Up in York and the NEMVC event at Ryhope. I had it returned to the Olive Drab and Adam Wright of MV Depot at Helperby refitted the nearside fuel tank, added the mudguard mirrors and generally serviced anything that looked in need last winter. It currently needs a new silencer and the fuel primer lever has fallen off - restarting after a few months rest is something of an issue! You'll recognise the older 'riot' painting seen here on it's journey north .... Nic
  7. Oddly I have a Mk1 Pig that looks like a Mk2! 30BK43 was one of two that spent the 'Troubles' as training aids in barracks in Kent, so while it is 'dressed' as an NI operational vehicle it was never up-armoured. Probably has one of the best Pig drive trains in the world as a consequence. They don't come up for sale often. There was one on ebay recently asking over £10K - I don't know whether it sold. Maintainance is straight forward, but time consuming. In the order of 90 different lubrication points underneath - some take grease, some SAE30, some EP90..... Spares are an issue - I'm currently after a new exhaust and will probably end up having to fabricate one. Nic
  8. Anyone got a spare Pig exhaust system hidden in their spares box? I have a good home for one! Failing the legendary NOS item has anyone any ideas on a modern commercial silencer box that could be adapted for the purpose? Thanks in anticipation! Nic 30BK43 .
  9. I can help you, but you'll have to collect from Thirsk, North Yorks.YO7 4AD for the sat nav! Nic
  10. I really must learn to count! And I didn't know the 'aluminium' bit - they're certainly heavy enough! Thanks. Nic
  11. Are they the same as those on Stalwarts? (he asks expecting to be corrected!) Nic
  12. Organising events like this is a thankless task - often too many niggles and not enough recognition for the hours of effort and logistics that goes into running such a complicated show. Many thanks to Stuart and his team - and a big hand to the rarely recognised 'loo' team. Nic
  13. Photo reconnaissance camera from an aircraft? Nic
  14. I emailed the seller. He forwarded me this picture. So yes it is for 623 and 624 owners! Nic
  15. Mouse over image to zoom [TABLE=class: img, width: 74] [TR] [TD=class: tdThumb] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=class: img, width: 74] [TR] [TD=class: tdThumb] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=class: img, width: 74] [TR] [TD=class: tdThumb] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=class: vi-centerclass] [TR] [TD]Have one to sell? Sell it yourself [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [h=1]Alvis Stalwart, Stolly hood and sticks, very rare.[/h] [h=1]Alvis Stalwart, Stolly hood and sticks, very rare.[/h] http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alvis-Stalwart-Stolly-hood-and-sticks-very-rare-/122317431907?hash=item1c7aafe463:g:6dIAAOSw44BYgQUs This has appeared on ebay. Is it really for a Stalwart? Where would it go? The 1992 date in the third picture gives me doubts, if it is a date, the Stalwarts all being cashiered by 1990. Nic
  16. I've fitted these to the batteries. It won't stop someone who is determined and after your specific vehicle, but should stop the causal chancer / joyrider. Nic http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Battery-Master-Isolator-Cut-Off-Kill-Switch-Universal-CAR-BOAT-VAN-TRUCK-/170876170070?hash=item27c9036f56:g:XSEAAOSw3ydVhCtG Battery Master Isolator Cut Off Kill Switch
  17. I misread your first item - 'I'm rebuilding my Stalwart calipers with normal brake fluid.' I needed to go on a bit further and take the rest of the sentence into account! Nic
  18. When I acquired a Stalwart I had it drummed into me that I should never take any standard brake fluid within 50 feet of the vehicle. Apparently the standard DOT 4 fluid will destroy the seals designed for hydraulic fluids. Consequently I used a Comma LIC10 hydraulic fluid for a couple of years. It seemed to work but the system did weep in places - particularly the accelerator slave. I was then told I was still doing it wrong and should only use LHM (Lockheed Hydraulic Mineral?) for the brakes accelerator clutch and power steering. I obediently swopped over though I didn't drain the system just changed to LHM. Overall a big improvement - slave cylinder isn't loosing anything now. The winch power steering reservoir still needs regular attention, but otherwise the LHM seems to do what it should. Nic 09ER31
  19. I hope to take my Pig to YWE again this year. Only one there in 2016! Maybe see you there. Nic
  20. They look good - maybe the future collector's dream. Alas the voice over is Russian! Kurganets-25: declassified. As we floated on the newest armored personnel carrier. Russian army Nic
  21. The caption reads 'Field Filtration'. Nic
  22. Very dishonestly I tried to cheat by putting the diagram into a 'Google Images' search. I failed, deservedly so ..... However .... I did see that the picture has a caption. Would it give the game away if I reveal it? Nic
  23. I have a couple of 432 hoods and there are some differences from this one. The ones I have are like this current ebay offering http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/British-Army-FV430-Series-APC-Hatch-Cover-Hood-Windscreen-FV-432-433-434-Abbot-/151897199944?hash=item235dc75548:g:f5EAAOSw8-tWWGS6 Note the cover is a plastic material not the canvas shown on this example. If it is a 430 hood it's an early model, so probably quite rare. (I acquired the second hood intending to cut away the side panels and replace them with heavy duty see through plastic - as Dale says there's zero side vision when they're fitted! Another project waiting in the barn still.) Nic
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