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coventry victor aircraft tug? help identifying (pic heavy)


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hi guys and gals im Dave Aka Nightshaddow


OK so long story short im helping the local air museum restore/renovate a small aircraft tug.





and while the engine was easy to identify and has since been got running




the rest is not so easy and getting parts may be an issue, after removing the seized brake drums we need brake parts, so any help or info on this thing would be appreciated


the engine itself is a Coventry victor ad3 mk2 to which i have found a manual online (if anyone requires i will gladly share :-) )












so we have tackled the transmission brake and freed off the drive train here is what's behind the plate,






as you can see a very basic drum and shoe setup and it mostly looks pretty good and as opposed to the wheel drums this looks like it could be salvageable.


once freed off we decided to to check the transmission and take it for a walk to make sure the gearbox and clutch was fully functioning ...........


it was :D




so here is where the real questions come in


i am trying to identify the brake components as these seem to be hard to identify, who made the tugs originally and what parts bins did they use?


any information on it would be good and all help is appreciated


sorry if it seems a long but as i am only 34 and this thing i would predate me by i am guessing 30 years or so and i only have info on the engine i tryed to include anything and everything i could to help identify


and for reference in the 2 vids im the scruffy one cranking the engine

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thanks for your imput guys


matchfuzee: could be a good source there hopefully they will get back to me though I doubt the new owners Cobham will have records but who knows tried contacting them and hopefully will get a response.


Amsco: thanks for the heads up, some quick research and the trans brake does look indeed like the mini and will follow that up :thumbsup:


chris hall: indeed very manoeuvrable and very useful things, my dad used one in the 70's at R.A.F. Coningsby for all and sundry from moving armourment (he was an armourer) to moving phantoms


RAFMT : that would be amazing if you could find one, it would help our project no end


i will post some more if you are interested the further we get into it



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chris hall: indeed very manoeuvrable and very useful things, my dad used one in the 70's at R.A.F. Coningsby for all and sundry from moving armourment (he was an armourer) to moving phantoms




Thats where I'm based now, as you may have guessed, I'm a 21 year Armourer now but I'm getting disallusioned with it all. The MOD have changed our pension and now my trade has had pay cuts while the other 2 aircraft trades have had pay. Rises. The RLC Ammo Tech gets paid more than us now for doing a lesser job. So it looks like I will be PVRing along with a large amount of other armourers as there are no promotion prospects and no chance of a pay rise. I'm on a pay freeze until promotion if it comes and even then it's not worth it for £20 a month. Especially if it's away from my family. Having only been at home for 2 years of my sons 5 year life and having only been there for one birthday, it's time to leave.


If if any younger members were thinking of joining the RAF, don't, unless your really adamant in which case, try and be an officer. 150 engineers have PVRd (premature early departure) in the last 6 weeks due to a number of recent issues (Ops, Pay and pension) so that's saying something.


well gripes over.

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Chris i feel your pain, I never joined up and i work in the food industry but it is the same there


pay for managers goes up while the last few years we have had nothing, seems to be the way of the world at the moment, the less you know the more you earn :embarrassed:


my father left the air force in the mid 90s, up until then i never really saw him or knew him but on the bright i never held that against him (i was 13 when he left the airforce) and since he left we became great friends as well, so the future is bright :)



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Dave, do you know which Sqn he was on? Has he ever thought about coming back for a visit? I could maybe try and sort out a HMVF visit to my Sqn and have a look at our Tornados and Typhoons (We operate both platforms).


Hi Chris, If you manage to organise a HMVF visit to Coningsby I would be very interested, my father in law was Station Commander there many years ago.

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