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  1. Hi looking for a wiper motor for a Hotchkiss M201 24v If any one has one Please let me know on 07951697478 Many thanks regards Amsco
  2. Hi Simon I have a good one intact if its any good to you send me a text 07951697478 Regards Amsco
  3. Hi Chris I have one give me a ring 07951697478 Regards Amsco
  4. Hi Andy I have a full set give me a ring or send me a text 07951697478 Amsco
  5. Hi will you take £40.00 for the pair Best regards Amsco
  6. Hi I have a complete dash and skuttle give me a ring 07951697478 Regards Amsco
  7. Hi can anyone help I am looking for a RT-524 VRC radio and MX-6707 antenna base plus antenna rods all to go in a Mutt A2 Many thanks regards Amsco Still looking ! anyone Amsco
  8. Hi Portsmouth Truckstop 10mins from ferry good lads been going for about 15 years they will look after you 02392376000 Regards Amsco
  9. hi I am looking for 5 kleber 6.50 16 tyres for my m201 Regards Amsco
  10. Hi Freg Yes looks very nice tempted to have look but its A1 Regards Amsco
  11. Hi so am I if you find to Regards Amsco
  12. Hi Steve I have one and also the correct tool for filling the fluid fly wheel. Regards amsco 07951697478
  13. Hi Andy I need five as well Amsco 07951697478
  14. Hi Stu good stuff is there any pioneer bits Regards Amsco
  15. Hi All I live in derbyshire can any one tell me the paint code for my scammell R-100 (green) Many thanks Amsco
  16. Hi to all Amsco her from derbyshire Looking for n.o.s or good s/h cab floor mat for my RB44 If any one can help Many thanks Amsco
  17. Hi Nick Best Of luck with the restoration ive got two.Just getting new workshop built so i can start mine
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