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Help finding a T-55 English Manual

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How is your German?


NVA manuals can be found relatively easily..

yup, 50 euros for one in German




maybe check with Frank in the US too, he seems to have some for the T62 , etc. in 2014 and might have stumbled across a T55 version by now


I've heard of US Military manuals for a number of russian tanks. We got one for the T62 and the BMP-1 but haven't found the one for the T55 yet. We recently heard from another tank owner here in the US that he had an english manual for the T55 but haven't seen anything yet....

One problem with the US manuals is that the writers were frequently not the operators and they are full of minor mistakes. One that makes me laugh is the US BMP-1 manual where it suggests opening the valve directly in front and to the right of the drivers seat to clear the water from the air system prior to starting. Only problem is that the valve is actually the drain for the coolant system. If the floor drain is open when you open the valve they're speaking of you can drain all the coolant in about 10 minutes or enough to ruin the engine in about 1. The manuals need to be checked over pretty carefully with an eye on the real vehicle prior to depending on them....




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