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So what did he bring you?


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I've got a 5 tonne two stage hydraulic bottle jack. A long power bar (2ft!) and nut so I can change my wheels. A variety of wipes and sprays for the windows. All for Olly the landrover.

Plus lots of other kitchen bits-wooden spoons, chopping boards, swivel icing plates and copious amounts of wine!

I have obviously been a very good girl this year :-D

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I have obviously been a very good girl this year :-D


I have to ask.....good at what?;)


Main item I had was a new set of waterproofs, had 'em early as they were desperately needed as it's rained here almost nonstop since the beginning of November, been raining heavily for the last twelve hours and forecast to continue until the early hours of Monday, having a snorkel on the Land Rover has been a godsend. Also got a new Land Rover workshop manual and a variety of useful odds and ends and for some odd reason a variety of comestibles.:???:-D

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Well, I suppose I can count some 48-foot aerial masts and oddments I treated myself to (mostly Clansman bits).


Actual presents...


The Cdr. Chris Hadfield book of photographs from the ISS.

Some other books, one as an audiobook.

DVDs, mostly science fiction.


Plus the one single thing that will cause the most trouble of all:


A Round Tuit (so I no longer have any excuse for not getting on with stuff).



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