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BRD Sankey Trailer

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Hello, Picked up a winter project, Nice bright red sankey. My narrow track was bright red too when i picked it up??? Got hold of a BDR one at last, hopefully be easier to camp with than a normal narrow track. I have pictures but hurting my head to much to get them to appear! It was the ebay one, couple of months back. Cheers Kev :-D


Chassis is great under neath still in red oxide colors, but body has been black, green, white, duct tape with red gloss over the top :-D so fun fun grinding ahead of me!!


As yet to remove red paint from chassis plate, did find a nice brass plate on door tho? see photobucket


Any info on canvas and poles would be gratefully received, any for sale would be brought ;)


ill continue to fight with photobucket, and try for pictures, but here is a link for now.



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I don't know how much overhead room you have with your garage door. But you might try letting the air out of your tyres. Pushing the trailer in with a vehicle, & re-inflating them. Once the trailer is in the garage?


When I was attached to a Combat engineer unit. We did this with Box Bodied vehicles that were a couple of inches too high.

For the trucks to go directly inside the Workshops for repairs etc. It was very cold & snow on the ground outside.

& nobody REALLY wants to wield spanners in the freezing cold, do they?......:nut:


Was a doddle to do, & overcame the obstacle of being just that bit too high!.......:-)

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