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What does AVRE stand for?

Lauren Child

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Now here's a question. The accepted form seems to be Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers, but that doesn't seem to make sense - the Royal Engineers had lots of armoured vehicles, why name this one?


Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers seems to make more sense, as the AVRE was made for assaulting obstacles, and was used by the 1st Assault Brigade of the Royal Engineers.


Indeed the period 1st A.R.E. book lists it as Assault Vehicle, while the history of the 79th Armoured Division lists it as Armoured Vehicle, albeit noting that the book was rushed to print and contains errors and omissions.


Hence I'm now wondering if the accepted form as "Armoured Vehicle" is an error.


I note the IWM has an original service instruction book for a Churchill AVRE which may hold the answer, but in it's absence what do people think?

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Yet on the other hand. Military Engineering. Vol I. Part II. Engineers in Battle. 1953






Then again. Equipment Regulations. Pam No.8. Nomenclature and Coding of "A" "B" "C" and "D" Vehicles and Mobile Equipments amended 1967






Could it be that the blurring of changeover was due to an RE persistence with "Assault" whilst the adoption of "Armoured" was by RAOC?

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