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Morris C8 GS big end


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Had a very productive day working on the Morris. Broke down on way back from Wartime in the Vale/ Jesrey Liberation (both excellent!) with heavy engine knock.


We tracked this down to big end wth about 2mm on crankshaft with remains of bearing material in the sump. Couple of surprises


1.Was expecting she'll bearings as the manual but none present. Assume these were replaced with con rods with white metal bearings? How does this work?


2. Con rods had mismatched caps although other 3 had no play? Is this normal?


Assuming this needs replacing/ repairing what is this best way forward? New con rod/end cap? crank re ground to match?


Thanks in advance for advice!


Attached photo shows offending item!image.jpg

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My own Morris PU has a 6 cyl engine with all white metal bearings. There are still some specialists around to perform the task. I'm sure someone will advice you of someone in your neck of the woods. Basically the metal has to be poured in then machined to fit the shaft. In the old days the metal was often scraped to size. My advice would be to take the block, crankshaft, rods to the specialist for complete check and overhaul. You'll only have to do it once. Ron


PS I won't tell you how much my engine rebuild cost!!!

Morris PU 84 060.jpg

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Ron may not tell, but the going rate for white metaling on classic car cranckshafts is in the £125 a journal region.


I couldn't begin to break it down Tony. Apart from the big end and mains white metalling. My rebuild included new pistons and re-bore, all new valves/guides/springs and hardened seats. Hard chrome re-metalling to the cam shaft, surface grinding to block and head and remade rear oil thrower.... etc, etc. Ron

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Tony, I love my son and my Grandkids to bits, but sadly no interest in anything remotely green or oily. I guess by the time the Great Grandkids come along it will all have been sold off and transferred into smart cabriolets and home extensions. Ron

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