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Ship to shore movements of CVR(T) 2015 march 25


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Interesting to see them still in use.

from http://rpdefense.over-blog.com/tag/uk/4


25 mars 2015


Regular and Reserve personnel from 17 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC have conducted a beach landing with 42 vehicles from a military Mexeflote floating pontoon. The vehicles included CVR(T) Scimitars, Mastiffs, Wolfhounds, Stormers and a Terrier Armoured Digger, all belonging to regiments of 3rd (UK) Division.


The ‘ship to shore discharge’ of military vehicles at Browndown Beach in Hampshire concludes Exercise Tractable, a divisional exercise moving 1650 personnel and approximately 570 vehicles by land, air and sea, designed to test the rapid deployment of 3 Div’s Lead Armoured Task Force.

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Very good to see!!!


I am an old 17 P&M hand and it is great to see MEXE continuing.


I have some 8mm cine somewhere of us unloading Chieftain over Browndown beach back in the 1980s - there is little difference in then and now. I think we used Maxi-MEXE though (5 cells wide rather than the normal 3). And we were transferring from LSL not RoRo.


That exercise was also notable because it was the first time I had ever seen a GS shovel used as a pogo stick (there is some impressive metallurgy in a GS shovel and the point is both tough and springy).


Happy days.

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Truly awful music! But a good vid nonetheless. I wouldnt like to try that in a rough sea!


With apologies for thread hijack Bob are you planning on attending YWE at all this weekend?

No, I shall be going to Old Warden, a better class of vehicles..........



No, I shall be going to The Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden, a better class of vehicles.........
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MEXE can and does operate in surprisingly big seas - when loading at anchor though there is a bit of lee from the vessel ahead and things tend to go up and down together.


It can get sporty on the beach though in a big swell as the waves tend to break over the stern of the raft.

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