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AWD Tank Trasnporter

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A friend of mine has asked if anyone has anymore information about the following vehicle. Was it a one off?


He knows it ended up as a Wrecker with Auto Recovery Services Leeming Bar on the A1M as pictured here. Anyone got a build date?


Any info greatly appreciated.

8635548216_c609cc953e_b (1).jpg

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If I remember correctly; I saw this tractor parked up in the Dunstable factory in a very clean condition on a factory tour when I was in college the year was Autumn '89/Spring '90. I collected a wad of literature that was on offer; brochures for export "J" types, multidrives, etc. I don't know if there was a brochure for this but I would have grabbed one and kept it; I think the box of such stuff I hoarded now in the loft of a friends' shed. I could have a look when I am there next.

As I remember we were told that by then it had been evaluated or whatever and the project was "dead in the water" if not finished.

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This is how I remember it as I used to work in the compound next to where it was stored with the trailer and what I recall being a Centurion BARV but I may be wrong. AWD Bedford Tank Transporter


When AWD went pop it was offered to me for £20k, a tiny fraction of what it must have cost to develop. IIRC it had a Cummins 400 and Fuller Roadranger 9 speed 'box with a 2 speed transfer. It had solid beam rear suspension connected to the chassis with a number of rubber blocks and I was told the only issue was that some more development was required to the power steering.

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