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I need help identifying the CVR(T) Scorpion a turret came off of


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I bought a Franken-Scorpion recently and I'm trying to find out what I can about both parts of it so I can decide what path to take in restoration.


The hull is Belgian scimitar #65247 and has been in-service in Rwanda, Somalia, and I'm told Bosnia as well.

I'm pretty sure the turret is British and has a decal from the AFM(L).

The gun barrel (which of course may not be original) has the motto of the order of the garter: "moni soit qui mal y pense" but I know that doesn't narrow things down much.

I noticed the firewall in a Sturgeon I bought has it's reg# stamped in so I was wondering if turrets were serialized somewhere?


Thanks for any information.

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You must have bought one of the Shrewsbury area machines!


Have fun with it.


Im sure others like Sirhc will be along to tell you where the serial number is, I am fairly sure there is one.


Will you be coming up to Aquino 2015 in Oshawa on Sta May 30th? Many CVR(T)s there.





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Post some photos, maybe we can help you.




Any particular areas I should document?


I've attached a couple pictures from the unboxing that show the turret at least reasonably and hopefully the bin positions will help narrow things down.

I would add that I am aware sandals were a very poor choice for the occasion.

Photo Apr 27, 9 33 38 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 27, 11 49 45 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 27, 9 29 08 AM.jpg


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The turret is Belgian.


That's a Belgian fire extinguisher mounted on the front left side. It's also not had the British modification to fit the stowage bins to the sides. Have a look at my Scimitar thread:




I've been turning my Belgian turret into a British one and you can see it started out similar to yours with bins/brackets in the same places.



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Thanks so much for the ID on the turret!

Is there any good resource to find out service history on the Belgian vehicles? All I have to go on is the paintwork and what Terry's told me.


Interesting service picture, looks like quite a number of canister rounds.

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Yes there is.


there are a bunch of bilingual and knowledgeable Belgians on face book


They have lots of pictures and know the vehicles



It is the CVR(T) appreciation group.




Well, I'll have to wait until I get round to a facebook account but I really love the tagline for the group "we had a heater and you didn't"

Thanks for the pointer, I'll see what I can do.


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