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Plastigauge -what type


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i am rebuilding my jeep engine and about to put in new (same sized) main and big end shells. What colour/ type of plastigauge should i use. i have green packaged plastigauge ( 0.007"-0.020") but the rods when compressed are red?? As far as I remember it was green rods that left a green/light green mark on journals and not a red marking. Has the green stuff changed to leave red markings now - this is a new sealed plackage they came out of.


from the manual clearance should be 0.001" engbrg.jpg




When I tried this stuff I got the following reading which seems wrong to me, all journals were approx same size on gauge





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thanks Mark


Thats what I thought, what threw me was the green set has red gauge mark whilst I remember the green used to be green which was correct for the 0.001" - will order the red proper gauge -hopefully that doesn't have green gauge inside with a red check panel lol



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