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ID these boots


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Hmmmm,there has been much debate on here and elsewhere regarding the elusive NI HI Leg Boot and nobody seems to own a pair and only period pics seem to be blurry/not enough detail etc that the NI boot had NO toe cap and a crepe type sole(whatever that is) and that the type of boots pictured 110% are not NI boots-wish they were as I somewhere have 2 pairs,slightly different.

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def not NI boots had 2 pairs issued leather upper was smoother, no toe cap and a sole which was similar to the old civvy desert boots crepe sole with shallow tread and not like the DMS sole at all, seen here in the pictures of Gordon Highlanders in NI at time





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Part of the confusion/mystery surrounding the elusive NI boots stems from there likely being a number of types having been under trials. Certainly the ones I remember did not have a 'crepe sole' although they were plain toed and they were similar in the uppers to the latter issued BCH. The sole, whilst not of a DMS design was in a similar style - i.e. deepish treads.

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I was issued with a pair of NI boots ("Boots, Urban Patrol") in the early 1980s.............


They were high-leg (about 10 eyelets high I think ?), made from a lightweight thin pebbled-finish leather, NO toe-cap, and the sole was a similar tread pattern to the existing DMS ankle-boot but not quite the same.....the sole was also thinner and softer rubber than the latter.........compared to the DMS boot, they were incredibly light in weight and a revelation after wearing the heavy ankle boot.........


The main issue with these boots however, is that they were intended for pavement pounding rather than field use and if used as intended would normally last a tour.........I wore mine in the field where it soon became apparent that the boots were neither waterproof nor durable and far too flimsy.........in fact, I managed to break my right ankle within a week of wearing them in the field so that taught me a big lesson............:embarrassed:

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