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  1. Wow they are pretty unique! I've no idea how they fit into the genisis of NI gloves but they look the correct pattern for the year (with the cross stitching on the palms - I have similar ones in black). The colour is a complete mystery though.
  2. True about wearing them when ones beret had gone diffy - I had forgotten about that. Also correct about SUS etc not wearing headdress when being beasted about camp. As an ex-RP I can testify to that too. As soon as a person was under escort the beret and belt came off and the next order was - 'step off to the timing I call out' and then the 'fun' begins (character building stuff you understand).
  3. I agree that Combat Caps did gain some negativity as a result of them being the standard headdress of new recruits - hence the term crow caps. However, a good few lads from my time also associated the caps with 'Them' boys as some of the limited 22 /23 publicity photos of the time pictured troopers wearing combat caps. So they still had some kudos - and me and a good few of my mates wore them whenever we had chance on exercise. As regards availability - I have over 30 of the 70s/80s type in my collection now - mostly in mint unworn condition. Its only the larger sizes that seem to be rare
  4. These green rubberised type were still in use in the 80s - by the longer serving guys. However, most of us by this time had been issued a new version. This type was almost exactly the same as the WW2 white version. These were not old stock resurfacing but newly manufactured - still in a cheap cotton material. As has been said - we only used these for locker layouts and kit inspections. I have looked on Ebay plenty for an 80s dated one of these white versions but so far without luck.
  5. I served between 82-88 in the Infantry. The short answer to the OP question, in my experience, is yes. As has been suggested - this was not really a choice as SOPs usually said that you had to have a First Aid kit in your webbing. However, my kit lists (and memory) of the time only suggest 'a basic first aid kit' not a list of content. My basic kit included - plasters, bandages, dressings, triangular bandage, paracetamol, zinc oxide tape, antiseptic cream etc. In 1983 I attended the RAMC Medics course (RMA 3) and as a result I carried a greater range of medical items following this.
  6. I admit it is feint - but that does look like a 1979 date! Amazing if correct. As the 'Demise' document suggests - the GS Bergan was adopted (on a very limited scale - most frequently seen in use in NI) in the mid 70s but most examples seen of this date have design differences to the later (1983/84) issued version. Yours though looks like the later type but has the early date - amazing. I have another version which is made from a material close to the MK2 58 nylon webbing material and it too has the later design features. Unfortunately mine has no date but thanks to your pack it can be suggest
  7. True story - this came public as a result of my FOI request a few years back now. There are a couple of others out there too :-)
  8. I can confirm that the first issue of the Cap Cold Weather was indeed made in olive drab.These were a British equipment item as distinct from the version worn in Korea. The pattern changed to DPM C1976. Info taken from the pictured publication - dated 1975.
  9. The missing MKV Helmet (this is a reply I sent to Paul but as others may find it useful I thought I would reproduce it here too). During my research into the MK 6 (in conjunction with the Author John Bodsworth) I did my very best to pin this down. I assumed, as you would, that if there was a MK 6 then there must have been a MK V.Indeed, in certain notable books on helmets (and websites etc) I found the last version of the GS steel helmet was described as the MK V. I even found mention of a MK V in some training pamphlets. However,John and I sourced and researched the official Brit
  10. I believe its the 2nd pattern 44 webbing haversack. Possibly with an attached pouch on the front. Pic from Karkee Web
  11. As with all kit - issue was often on an individual or unit basis. So some new kit was issued to newly joined soldiers first then as stocks increased it was issued to units as a whole (the old item being handed in and the new kit issued to a whole battalion or unit at the same time). Sometimes kit was also issued on a 'waste out' basis - which meant you only got issued the new kit as and when your old item broke or it needed replacement (and you only got the new style kit after stocks of the old kit had been used up) - until which time you used the older style item. In general (during Cold
  12. I agree about the 'Spork' being very useful - I have one and use it regular. Be careful with wooden spoons being used in the field for long periods though - my RAMC Doctor blamed my wooden spoon for me getting gingivitis (gum disease) in Cyprus in 1987 which required my hospitalisation (wood being less easy to clean than metal/plastic).
  13. I am not sure what you mean by '1950-1960 KFS set'? To my knowledge - a set of KFS was issued - of a simple, plain, stainless steel design - was issued from at least the 50s onwards. The exact style changed over the years as new contracts were placed and there are most likely dated examples for every year from then to today (given that these get replaced very often due to loses). Anchor Surplus (army surplus shop) used to have a massive tub full of 2nd hand issue KFS in their shop - whilst sorting through these I found examples from multiple decades and years. As for the 44 KFS - the
  14. If it is of interest to any member I have recently found a seller on eBay who is selling 2014 dated spoons - they are brand new and have the broad arrow and an NSN - I purchased a few too check. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371429097044?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&var=640505446436&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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