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Great War era bolt?


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Can you identify the thread? If it is Unified then I don't think it will be from the Great War. Perhaps it is Whitworth?


The other thing is the slightly ornate style of the arrow suggests it is of some age.


PS The other thing is that having a round head doesn't allow turning, so I assume the inset metal is to block over a screwdriver slot once the bolt has been adjusted.


It seems to suggest something artillery or optical to me.

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I wonder if the tip once housed a leather washer?


Maybe this was to seal over a lubrication filling point that was filled on manufacture?


Is that metal in the head perhaps lead? So at a major service or refurbishment this could be chiselled out, the bolt undone, lubricant topped up, bolt replaced & small piece of lead hammered into the slot again?

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It's a locking bolt of some kind, for sure, you screw it in and then lead-fill the slot to prevent tampering.


(Resist any offers from Great War Truck for it - they will only want to build an entire truck round it 8-)

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The end does look like it has taken some hammer. Does look like a sealing bolt for a liquid container. Note what appears to be skirt around edge and pin in the middle. Or might it be the tension screw on a saftey valve?

Second longer look, reminds me of the screw used in a cartridge starter.

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