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Airborne trailer pintle or what?

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I came across this old pintle hook advertised as a 'paratroop trailer hook'. At first glance it appears to be just that, i.e size and shape of hook and the closing catch. The centres of the attachment bolt holes are 9.5cm horizontally (as per a real airborne trailer rear pintle but only 4.5cm vertically whereas most airborne type pintles I have seen are 9.5cm horizontally and vertically. However this, of course, will fit a jeep.

It has a cast makers name (Bradley) and another cast number on the side of the hook base B101/4.

Does anyone know if this was made for the military or civilian use? It is so similar to airborne pintles I have seen that it must share some relationship.

Whatever, it is certainly better and more useful than the dummy casting that I have on my airborne trailer at the moment.





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Similar to first design of WWII Airborne pintle, but bolt pattern does not match those original ones I've seen on Mk1 NoI 10 cwt lightweight trailers.


Photo below for reference:




Hmm... but this is the pattern required to tow the 75mm Pack Howitzer (as per your pic) and this has a slightly wider jaw than most of the hooks out there... simple rule to measure...


2 finger width = trailer hook

3 finger width = Pack howitzer hook


If the hook jaw is only 2 finger width, the 75mm Pack Howitzer tow eye will not fit.


There may be another reason for the difference, but towing a howitzer behind my trailer from time to time has resulted with the observation.



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