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Old BAtteries found in storage

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Thanks Richard.

Any idea what vehicle it was used on, and if its worth anything. They are nos and unopened apart from this one.

If they have been stored in a cool dry environment and without acid they should be good to use and certainly ought to have a value.


- MG

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I have some RL batteries, but probably younger and not subjected to anywhere near as much damp as that box, as the outer box is not wood but really thick cardboard in pristine condition. Labelled as dry charged.


I gave a couple to a friend who took them to be filled by a local and very genuine battery guy - who looked inside and advised that since there was some whitening of the plates it would be most unlikely that they would hold charge. I was surprised.


Suggest you undo a cap and have a look inside. A new equivalent would probably cost in region of £70 plus VAT.

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These were used on most commercial trucks of the fifties and sixties either as a pair or sometimes four. The Lucas part no's for the most common sizes were MT17, MT19, and MT21 the nos indicating the no of plates per cell. Lucas marked the date with a code stamped into the top of the case but judging by the vent caps I don't think these batteries are Lucas but I could be proved wrong.:laugh:

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