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Morning All


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Hi all


I'm Tim, for my sins an archaeologist who happens to live and work in Wiltshire. :red:


Now there is this there gurt big bit of rough land that I can often be found ferreting about on, that is covered with lots of bits and bobs; OK, if you must, yes it is SPTA and yes I an talking about discarded armour. :yawn:


As such I am often asked a multitude of questions about what is up there, what is that, and so on. A fair bit of the item I know, sometimes I don't, BUT because I keep getting asked these question I have become more keenly aware of historic military vehicles and what they meant to us. :-X


So with luck over the next year (and providing my plans don't ago aside) I will be obtaining my first Willys M38A1, and before you start I have to start somewhere! :wow:


As a result I will be becoming more active over time


See you all about



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