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Ferret rear-view mirrors

Chris Preston

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Greetings All,


Would anyone have a clear picture/drawing/image, etc, of the correct fender mounts for both rear-view mirrors for a Daimler Ferret (and a source for them)?


Our museum's Ferret has one mirror, bolted to the left-hand smoke grenade launcher, using one of the launcher's wing-nuts (which isn't very secure and the mirror arm keeps moving).


Could anyone help out with a photo of the correct mounting and dimensions for the arm?


Happy New Year to all,


Chris Preston,

Victoria, BC,


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Hi Robin,


Hope your Christmas was a good one and many Thanks for the help. We're slowly getting all the bugs worked out of our Ferret. Next month we'll be removing the transmission to replace all the brake bands, but in the meantime, I'm working on correcting as many of the "easy" defects and deficiencies as possible.


Happy New Year to you.




Chris Preston

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Some photos of mine. These are the mirrors it was fitted with in service, however they are not the best for driving alone!







Those mirrors you have were a modification, think they are Wingard manufacture and I recollect the arm was changed as well, somewhere around 1980 I think. The original mirrors were rectangular and convex seem to be known now as "Ferret mirrors", probably only because it was the last in-service vehicle to use them. They were in fact a pre-war design and issue, the WD 1924 Pattern, and most British vehicles during WW2 would have had them fitted. Excellent vision for their size when you get used to them.


regards, Richard

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I presume these are the earlier mirrors as described. As already said they do give a surprisingly good view for their size, due to the very convex nature of the glass. I am not sure I would want to use them on the road though.


The main reason I keep them is because I think they look more stylish and in keeping with the vehicle!



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I agree about the old style mirrors, almost letter-box shaped as I recall.


We tended to replace them with Land Rover mirrors ... or any other mirror that gave a better rear view.


Cannot recollect if it was a modification as such but when stocks of the old WD 1924 Pattern mirror ran out a substitute mirror and new arm were supplied as a kit and the mirror was the same as used on Ser.2a/3 Land rovers

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