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CVR(T) Torsion bar adjustment

robin craig

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Well, from the looks of it, I will have to be doing a torsion bar adjustment on a CVR(T) all the way round.


I say this as the vehicle just doesn't have the ground clearance it should.


Is this just one big laborious bull work task with many repetitions? That is how it looks from here.


I suppose there is a chance that the bars themselves are maxxed out and we wont be able to get any adjustment out of them.


Can anyone chime in with comments or observations?



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Robin, with Chris's instructions we checked and reset one side of our Spartan. Once all set up and back on tracks it still sits too low on one side, indicating that the torsion bars are tired on that side. I hope you don't find this to be the case!


One of the plans for this winter is to get around to changing the torsion bars for the NOS ones we have in stock, which just happen to be for the correct side. It does cause some strange track and sprocket wear patterns and the vehicle does pull to the left more so than others I have driven on the road, but given the Spartan gets little use it's not yet been too much of an issue.



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It is possible to rotate the torsion bars more than one spline, but until the tracks are back on and tensioned you wont be able to fully ascertain if the (weaker) torsion bars now make the vehicle sit at the correct height. With good torsion bars you would just set them up to the correct droop measurement and when all back together, the vehicle will sit at the correct height.



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coincidently, I am resetting the ride height on a customer's Spartan at the moment which was sagging at the front. I have detracked it and sat it up on blocks, and hub centre to underside of sponson is almost exactly the same on each wheel station at 690mm?

I have another fresh from Abro rebuild, and have done the same, and with the exception of the osf wheel station, measurements are identical, indicating that the torsion bars weaken and perhaps turning them down one spline would not cure sag.

Does anyone have the correct measurements?


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