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Ex Isle of White Centaur Dozer.

kevin powles

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hi kev


dave told me it was going to derby but I haven't heard anything on the grapevine locally. it would be nice to meet the new owner i'm sure we could help him out immensely.




Rick, I do hope whoever bought it isn't still

under the kosh from 'her in doors' or suffering the psychological trauma of said purchase. Yes!, we can help him recover!.



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I don't know what happened to the Sherman but things were a little confusing down there because some vehicles belonged to dave Arnold, some to the iow museum, some to bovvy and a few to other private individuals so the whole thing became a bit of a giant cluster f@ck .

I've heard various contradictory stories of ownership, which to be honest make me laugh at the duplicity involved in this hobby. someone should write a book about it one day :) anyway if I had to guess I would say the Sherman belonged to the museum but that's as much as I can say until I go down there which I need to do soon.



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