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Land Rover FFR demountable station

robin craig


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Both set ups were totally different as far as I know, the Lightweight units were built as one combined unit that could be lifted out as one, where as 109 (and series 2/2a swb FFR's) were separate parts that could be removed one bit at at time, eg radio table, and then requiring the mounts and battery holders to be unbolted too. Couple of shots of the set up in the back of my SWB series 2a FFR to help show what I mean



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I thought that both the separate bench and dexion and the demountable unitary radio station could be fitted in the lightweight - certainly I have seen both in restored vehicles - I cant recall seeing a unitary station in the 1/4 ton and 3/4 ton FFRs but cant see a reason why it would not have been possible to fit in a GS as a temporary measure - whether it was done is another matter of course. You can find a pic of the unitary station at:




Looking in the back of a landrover the ribbed battery box is an easy way to tell the difference.





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The "Unitary Kit" is intended for 12 volt Lightweight if a FFR is not available , just that TUAAM would not be available on the front wings & you could not charge on the highway,.


AFAIK in Clansman days you would use a Hopkins genny set with 12 volt L'wt & / or "ground" role.


IIRC Hopkins were not around in Larkspur days ?? Onan probably ?



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The question was generated as a local sale may yield two ex Lightweight FFR unitary stations.


My best mate has recently acquired a somewhat civilianised S3 FFR and seeing as how tripping over anything British military out here is about as common as the proverbial hens teeth I am encouraging him to buy them. Hopefully if they wont go in his S3 109 then I can save them for someone else just by having somewhere to store them.


Maybe even just a display of the unitary set up on its own would be a hoot.


Anyway, I'm off to sharpen my pencil and practice my best "ooh t'aint worth much, even at scrap price I would be doing you a favour chum" routine in the mirror!


Thanks for the input


will report back later



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Info as posted on Ex-MLRA Forum by -


RM Lightweight


Postby mastigo4 » Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:58 pm




EMER Wheeled Vehicles U207 /8 Modification Instruction No. 12 gives instructions and plans to install the Unitary Radio Kit in a 15 cwt. Sankey trailer. This was for the Royal Marines, to allow use of the Land Rover for general services. It included provision for hood-sticks & hood.

In the EMER installation the URK was fitted facing the rear. In this picture it faces forward, so this was presumably a local modification.

The radio set is a C42, possibly a C45: the Antenna Tuning Unit is mounted on the canopy. There may be something mounted on the Dexion, but it is hard to tell.

This is the first photo I have seen of a URK in a Sankey. If anyone knows of others I would be most interested.

Incidentally I did once mount my vehicle's URK in a Sankey, before I knew of the EMER. It fitted well, and I am a little surprised this arrangement was not used more generally.

Alan Knell





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This EMER was first issued in July 1977 & superceded with an issue in May 1978.


It is quoted for Helicopter Support Role (RM) but I am not clear whether this is the version of trailer to be modified or the status after it has been modified. The reason given is "to give greater flexibility in the tactical role" which isn't very helpful.

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