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  1. Hi All, Just thought I'd give this a stir again. Still looking for pictures of a Daimler Dingo taken in Crook Brothers Yard, near Preston, Lancashire. I recall a few grainy pictures in Wheels and Tracks all those years ago.
  2. On the lookout for a carburetor , air cleaner and cross over tube for my weasel if there are any out there??
  3. would be interested in any leads on a mk3 radio body. Something better than this flat pack would be great.... nick
  4. Thanks for that, I will certainly give it a go. Though its more the parts listing for the truck I was looking for at the moment. Radio installations are a long way down the road! regards Nick
  5. Hi all I am still looking for a parts list for this truck is there is one out there some where? Even more unlikely would be a radio body for the same truck? maybe a garden shed tucked away in a quiet corner? any leads are greatly appreciated Nick
  6. Hi nick, yes it's quite at home with all the other rust in the shed :-) I did manage to recover a lot of bits of the rear body, probably enough of the various panels to replicate another, it's a shame because the last time I saw it it was in one lump, it was also rustier than i remembered !!
  7. not starting for a long time yet, there are many distractions to keep me busy :-) As you say however, It is something of a wreck!!! though in its favour the truck is very complete.. regards nick
  8. I'm rather hoping that some day it might look like that, at the moment its something of a wreck! It has a quite convincing spare wheel carrier fitted that has been modified to a tow bar, if its not correct then it can all be cut off!!
  9. Hi I was just reading through this series of postings from a while back an wondered if any more progress was made with the serial numbers? I have Morris C4 2244 WT 2093 and has assumed the 2244 was a date, obviously this is wrong now by reading the above posts.? What does it mean? I'm also on the lookout for a parts book if there is one out there? Am I right in thinking the wireless bodied trucks had an under chassis spare wheel carrier? What about any documentary materials relating tot he wireless bodies? was there ever a manual? ever hopeful Nick
  10. hi I'm looking for a Maintenance manual and Parts list for a Morris Commercial C4WT if anyone can help? thanks nick
  11. Hi Any idea how I might get in touch with Jaap? he appears to be listed now as a guest and without contact details? thanks nick
  12. Hi Tony I haven't seen this book, can you read the vehicle serial number in the picture in this book? regards Nick
  13. Yes I think so, I'll drop them a line. I remember visiting the auction when ever that was and there were dingo parts amongst the lots, but they vehicle itself had gone by that time. I am told they even had new tyres then! regards nick
  14. Hi Fellas Years ago I remember an add running in Wheels and Tracks for Crook Brothers Near Preston who had a number of WW2 military vehicle to dispose of, I suppose this would be mid 1980's ish. Amongst this lot was a Dingo. Would anyone one here remember it at all, was it ever photographed? best wishes to all Nick
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