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Learning it all again.....


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Good evening all, just a little intro,

Ive found myself buying a Martian, a bit of an obsession since doing my apprenticeship with 93VDW REME.

Its on its way home soon, and then the fun starts.... (To start it is just the first bit...)


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Thanks for the warmest of welcomes!!! She's not in bad condition, just a non runner, and has been so since the last chap got her...... Call me mad but the first time I'll see her is when she comes to my yard/workshop!!!

I never thought I'd have the chance to own a Martian of my own, so in at the deep end.....

Shes all original, so will let you know when I do......

Engine bits will prob be first issue, then tyres.... Q. What is the right size? 1500/20 is in my head for some reason.....

All hints and leads appreciated....

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Welcome on board

Nice choice of vehicle, what sort of state is it in?

not too bad, not too good... 64 years old, fair bit of worm, non runner at the mo, but going the right way.... Also a Recovery has joined the stable.... She is a runner so onwards etc....

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