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gate guardians for 20 bde


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so ive moved to a new regt (ill keep my tag as 912l though as 23 years with them ) am now in sennelager upon looking about I saw these and thought you may all like to see them 051_zpsdaa13b56.jpg050_zpsc860569b.jpg049_zps07243875.jpg048_zps5b34987c.jpg047_zpsc1ac5a87.jpg046_zps2d3b5b82.jpgany questions feel free if I get the chance ill get on the ranges and see what I can find I know there's a few Saladin's and Saracens also a few pigs left over from the old Ireland trg

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Once upon a time Antwerp Bks (where those photos were taken) was the home of 3 Tank Transporter Squadron, and that square was full of Antars!


In fact not far from there are the last remains of a set of overhead traffic lights from the road out of Soest ....

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you are right david it is a link dog ark, the only other example had the ramp attachments cut off and was used as the basis for Montgomery's mk4 that dave Arnold completed on the iow. apparently he took a bit of stick for it for cutting up a rare vehicle but then again you don't see many mk4 gun tanks driving around either so I can't say I blame him :D

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