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Additive In Petrol?


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Currently I'm using a product called Stabil which stops the fuel going off as my stuff isn't used very often. Having started one of the vehicles once a year for the last 3 years, it has impressed me by starting almost first compression each time. I also use Castrol lead additive. Folk I have spoken to recently found that this year any vehicles in their collections that weren't running an additive had fuel issues (typically lift pump diaphragm failures due to the increase in ethanol in modern fuel) while those running additives did not.




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I use Castrol Lead Replacement additive in all my classics but do so every other fill up, this along with the so called "lead memory" should protect against valve seat regression :) I have not tried an additive to prevent stale fuel but have had problems in the past so will certainly give it a go this winter.

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