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Hi all and thanks to Jack for the welcome message.

I'm Ian and live near Bury in Greater Manchester and I've always been interested in anything military especially WW2 era.

I've joined the forum because I've just bought a 1945 Willys MB and I'm interested in reading other blogs on restoration and looking for tips on how to go about restoring it.

The jeep was recently imported from the US. From the California title it looks like it might have been used on a vineyard and is in a very sorry state with hardly anything original left of the body tub but the fenders, hood and grill should be usable with a lot of work.

The frame is exceptionally sound and only needs a new rear cross member and front bumper.

The engine which didn't turn when I bought it is a Ford GPW engine. I've since stripped it and found it to be in not bad condition and I shouldn't have to spend as much as I was budgeting for.

I've also stripped the transfer case and gearbox. I know these are not original to the vehicle as they are in such good condition so they must have been overhauled at some stage. On saying that, they appear to be more or less correct for the year. Perhaps someone could put me right on this.

The casting on the gearbox says T84J – 1A W G DIV and underneath is what I believe to be a date plate 5-2-44.

The only marking I can find on the transfer case says GPW 7705.

I only intend to fit new bearings and seals in these.

The transmission brake is the later external drum type.

I can’t find an engine number. I don’t know if it had one and has been machined off, or it was never stamped up, but the letters GPW are cast on the engine block. Were engine numbers always stamped?

I haven’t got any further with the strip down yet but I have taken loads of photos which I hope to put into a blog sometime.

Sorry if this is a bit long for an introduction post but all comments and tips gratefully received.

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hi ian if you can get over to Fairhaven lake near st annes this sunday there will be a couple of jeeps there , if you want a chat , it is a classic car rally but always a great turn out . regards mark

Hi and ta very much for the welcome posts. Mother-in-law loves St Annes and all the charity shops so might drop her off with the wife and come along :)

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