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Do I need to steer away from Ferrobestos?



I all

I need to replace the small round Ferrobestos bush on my Champ's steering column. It says on Champ World you need to drill a hole in the bush so the small pin can go through it to keep in place. As it's asbestos, I assume there will be some provisos.

Can anyone offer some sage advice as to how I go about doing this?




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Simon, if at all possible you should avoid using the bush. You should be able to get a replacement machined from an engineering plastic (Iglidur or similar) very easily and cheaply, or even buy one off the shelf if it's a standard size.


If you really have to drill it, you need to avoid creating an airborne dust, avoid inhaling any dust or contaminating yourself and recover and dispose of any waste or dust you do create safely.


For information, the people that do this sort of thing professionally would damp the area down and use a putty around the hole (including on the exit side) that the waste will stick to; wear a good quality disposable mask with a rubber seal and check that the fit to the face is good; wear disposable Tyvek or similar overalls; clean down the area thoroughly afterwards using vacuum rather than blowing down, for example a vacuum cleaner that won't discharge dust to atmosphere; mark and dispose of the waste, mask, overalls etc. safely at an approved facility.

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